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Suggestions for What to Bring to Summer Camp:

(*Required Items)

____Complete Class A Uniform*

____Scout Handbook*

____Foot Locker with lock (key or combination)*

____Any medication (even aspirin), if needed*

____Comfortable Shoes (hiking or sneakers)*

____Extra Shorts, Pants & Shirts*

____Bathing Trunks*

____Poncho or Raincoat*

____Sweater or Jacket*


____Sleeping bag*

____Mosquito netting (available at McQuade's Hardware)*

____Four 3'-length medium size diameter doweling (or equivalent) and duct tape.  These items are needed to secure the mosquito netting around your cot*

____Toothbrush & Toothpaste*

____Wash Cloth*

____Bath Towel*

____Soap in a container*


____Sandals (or equivalent) to wear when taking a shower*


____Extra Batteries*

____Pen and Paper*

____Scout Spirit*

____Insect repellent (non-aerosol)*

____Sun Screen*

____Daily change of underwear*

____Extra socks*

____Spending Money*

____Water Bottle*

____Fishing Tackle

____Bible or Prayer book

____Comb, Brush, Mirror

____Camera & Film

LEAVE AT HOME: Sheath knives, large radios or boom boxes, skateboards, bicycles, firearms, archery equipment, fireworks, aerosol cans.


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